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Mahera Rangwalla

Undoubtedly the one on one sessions do make more of a difference since she can focus on just your requirements, but group sessions were fun because you get motivated by the other moms to be. My regularity with my work out paid off well. I was fit till the last day of my pregnancy.


The exercises kept me going and I was active all the way to the end. All of it helped not only in being active but also seeing to the fact the Baby movements were all in place time to time. My weight was tremendously under control. I put on about 4 kg in total through my pregnancy.  PreNatal with Dr. Vanshika has been a great journey, definitely a must on the pregnancy list.

Dimpi Doshi Mehta

Losing the excess weight after a C section delivery is quite difficult, especially if you have lost your stamina and confidence to work out. Getting back to shape becomes a far fetched dream. Amongst this, I started doing my postnatal workout with Dr. Vanshika. I can very safely say it was a turning point of my postnatal life.

I had so many questions in my head, and she made me understand my body better. After delivery, there are a lot changes your body goes through and for each woman it’s a different change.

She examined the strength of my muscles and then came up with a diet and workout plan. Following them together under Dr. Vanshika’s guidance has given me good results and has given me my lost confidence.

She gradually worked on building my stamina and continuously reassured me and gave me the confidence to push myself further. The change from being a lazy person, to becoming a self aware and motivated person has come from Dr. Vanshika’s guided workout.

I have never felt so active and physically strong, even before getting pregnant.

Natasha Mitra

I was almost 8 months pregnant when I realised that I hadn't engaged in any prenatal exercising because of my work. Being in an advanced stage of pregnancy, I wanted to start off under someone's able guidance. That's when I was introduced to Dr. Vanshika. She has a very warm, caring and positive personality and it was really easy for me to connect with her. The last trimester seems the longest with a range of issues, but Dr. Vanshika's sessions smoothened out the journey for me, always putting me at ease.

The sessions were really useful as the pace is customised as per your need. It really felt nice when she would personally check on you each time you did not feel up to it.

Aanchal Chowdhry

Dr. Vanshika is extremely efficient and competent at her work. When I was pregnant she used to chart out various exercises and diet plans which were extremely helpful. I used to have severe back pain in the beginning of my pregnancy and the exercises recommended by her gave me a lot of relief. She also asked me to do couple of breathing exercises along with some great stretches, which I believe helped me a great deal to ease my labour. Extremely grateful to have had her to guide me throughout my pregnancy.

In fact she also kept a close watch on me post my delivery and helped me deal with all the postnatal issues. Thank you so much!

Vaidehi Pittie

Dr. Vanshika gave me a prenatal course that actually changed my laid back, anti exercise attitude to looking forward to her sessions and ultimately having a few favourite routines! She is a task master but makes it all very fun! I look forward to some postnatal sessions with her.

Suhani Parikh

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the support , guidance and sharing Dr. Vanshika provided during the course of my pregnancy. It made me confident to move forward and I have great respect for her as a doctor.

You are incredible and truly a gifted instructor!

Snehal Bathwal Goel

I reached out to Dr. Vanshika at a time when my problem was extremely complex and deep, and ever since she has started working with me my pain has phenomenally reduced. “Patience is a virtue” is what is personified in Dr. Vanshika’s approach and it has worked wonders with me.

Seema Sanghai

I had been in so much pain since the last 7-8 years that it became a part of me but my physiotherapy sessions with Dr. Vanshika helped in not only alleviating the pain but also leading a pain free healthy life.

Chhaya Mody

I was suffering from severe knee pain for the past 6 months. Even though my vitamin levels were not bad, I was unable to even climb up or down the stairs.
Dr Vanshika’s physiotherapy treatment was a life saviour for me . She not only help me strengthen my knees, but also gave me many tips about my diet and maintaining the strength of my knees. I highly recommend her physiotherapy sessions to all those who are looking for a well rounded cure, right at the comfort of your home.


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