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At Therhappy, it's all about you! We design programs to make sure you reach the peak of your physical health. We work in the fields of physiotherapy, antenatal and postnatal care, lactation care, pelvic floor rehabilitation and strengthening.


With Dr. Vanshika’s supervised sessions, be rest assured to see changes in your physical health and lifestyle.


How prenatal exercises help in keeping fit till throughout the pregnancy

Undoubtedly the one on one sessions do make more of a difference since she can focus on just your requirements, but group sessions were fun because you get motivated by the other moms to be. My regularity with my work out paid off well. I was fit till the last day of my pregnancy."


The exercises kept me going and I was active all the way to the end. All of it helped not only in being active but also seeing to the fact the Baby movements were all in place time to time. My weight was tremendously under control. I put on about 4 kg in total through my pregnancy. PreNatal with Dr. Vanshika has been a great journey, definitely a must on the pregnancy list

— Mahera Rangwalla

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