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  • Dr. Vanshika Gupta-Adukia

Newborns & their Unique Appearance

Dimpled cheeks, rosy lips, buttoned nose and all things perfect is what one imagines their newborn bundle of joy to ‘look’ like. Contrary to this, in the real world freshly delivered babies look far “different” than what we had pictured.

The little baby has spent a long time cramped in what would be the tiniest of spaces that he/she would ever live in (water filled uterus), and then probably spent a tedious couple of hours trying to push through the narrowest space (birth canal) that it would ever have to wriggle and squeeze its way through.

This and a lot more truly attribute to your newborn’s temporary but immediate post-birth appearance.

READ MORE on this exclusive feature article for The Indian Express Parenting; different newborn appearance characteristics and why these little bundles of joy 'look' the way they do right after birth.

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