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  • Dr. Vanshika Gupta-Adukia

Is Lactose Intolerance Real & What Is Cow Milk Protein Allergy in infants?

Have you ever wondered if your baby is having trouble digesting milk?

Are you a breastfeeding mother who worries about breastmilk being the probable reason for your baby’s fussy, gassy, irritable bowel functions?

Do you think your toddler is allergic to milk?

Do you wonder if your toddler has always been allergic to milk, probably even prior to weaning him off breastmilk?

Recent trends show that every new mother who is feeding her child milk, whether breastmilk or cow’s milk, often wonders if her child is intolerant to the milk. Add to this the sudden ‘awareness’ of lactose intolerance and an increased assumption of every gastrointestinal health problem boiling down to the consumption of milk.

But, can babies and infants truly be lactose intolerant?

The true answer is NO, with some exceptions. To understand better why lactose intolerance is rare in children, it is essential to first know in-depth about lactose.

In this feature special for read all there is to know about lactose intolerance and cow milk protein allergy in infants.

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