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  • Dr. Vanshika Gupta-Adukia

How babies see: Fuzzy vision and getting to recognise colour

Pregnancy, for every couple and parents-to-be is a time filled with joy. Parents spend long hours preparing for their little one’s arrival into the world. Colour plays an integral part while organising the baby’s room, clothes or toys. Parents often try and make these preparations in varied palettes, hoping to attract their little one’s attention towards them. But did you know that certain research state that newborns see only black, white and shades of grey? It is only at about 10-12 weeks post-birth, that different colour shades become apparent in the baby world.

Most new parents intently wait to check the colour of their newborn’s eyes upon birth, but are often left confused and worried when they notice their little ones to be a little crossed and not well-coordinated. This, in fact, is normal for newborns up to 8-10 weeks after birth.

Written for The Indian Express parenting- learn more on newborn vision and eyes- Something that is seldom discussed but often questioned by new parents post birth.

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