• Dr. Vanshika Gupta-Adukia

Things to keep in mind before you begin a prenatal exercise regimen

Staying physically active during pregnancy comes with its sets of advantages; stress reduction, increased energy, improved posture, better digestion, increased strength and endurance along with stamina to sustain labour.

However, not every pregnancy may allow one to indulge in exercise through the gestational phase. Certain risk factors may prevent or limit your activities and it is important to check with your healthcare provider before beginning an exercise regime post conception.

Sometimes exercise during pregnancy may be forbidden to protect the health of the mother, baby or both. Ensure you have your healthcare practitioner in the loop before you start, continue or change any workout regimen.

Next up for The Indian Express parenting, are guidelines on when to avoid exercising during pregnancy and when to stop exercising if you are already following a pregnancy fitness regime.


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