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  • Dr. Vanshika Gupta-Adukia

Happy Pelvic Floor, Happy You!--Why every women should practice Kegel Exercises.

“Picture your pelvic floor muscles like a hammock. The hammock is tied properly to two poles and the weight on it isn’t significant so it retains its shape and elasticity. The minute you start putting more weight on that hammock, you’re going to see it sagging down towards the floor.”

Pregnant women often complain about having to use the washroom a lot. The urgency to keep peeing is understandable when your uterus is pressing against your bladder. “But what about when a woman coughs, laughs or sneezes, and she feels a bit of urine trickling out?” says Dr. Vanshika. An exclusive feature- interviewed article of our founder Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia by Tweak India.

For Tweak India’s interview, Dr. Vanshika talks about the importance of pelvic floor muscles & how these muscles effect women at different age groups and stages of life.

READ MORE to understand what Dr. Adukia has to share.

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